Philadelphia Bowling - Jan-Feb 2012

Rank Player Name Team Avg Score
1st Mike R Chowder nipples 151.8
2nd Nick B Munsoned! 146.5
3rd Rusty H The Lane Rangers 144
4th Bobby S tommyjustsoldahalf amillionbrakepads 142.8
5th Michael C Splizophrenics 142.6
6th Michael G The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers 142.5
7th Michael G Gutter Slutz 137.8
8th Courtney K Snakes on a Lane 134.5
9th Bill G bowladelphia 129
10th Nick B Time to Spare 128
11th Matt H Three Fingers Deep 127
12th Rocco P Split Happens 126.8
13th Daryn M Split Happens 126.3
14th Amy L Blocked Lanes 2012 125.3
  Ian D El Duderino 125.3
15th Janine H Splits N Ass 124.8
16th Mark M We Have Better Balls 124.5
17th Susan B Blocked Lanes 2012 124.3
18th Justin J Chowder nipples 124.1
19th Marc Z Obsessive-Combowlsive (Team OCB) 124
20th Timothy O Bitches Hate Christmas 123.1
21st Jon G The Lane Rangers 123
22nd Matt B tommyjustsoldahalf amillionbrakepads 122.1
23rd Dennis G Up Your Alley 120.8
24th Amy R Three Fingers Deep 120.1
25th Rob R The Lane Rangers 119.6
26th Derek B We've Been Framed! 118.6
27th Jon D bowladelphia 118.5
28th Alyssa P We Have Better Balls 117.3
29th Darryl B Munsoned! 114.1
30th Peter S Strikingly Handsome 113.8
31st Mike M Snakes on a Lane 113.5
32nd David F The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers 113.3
33rd Peter A We've Been Framed! 112.5
34th Andrew C tommyjustsoldahalf amillionbrakepads 112.1
35th Heather C Munsoned! 111.5
  Neil Y Bitches Hate Christmas 111.5
36th Jeffrey P Munsoned! 111.1
37th Clayton L 110.8
38th David S Up Your Alley 110.6
39th Jason M Munsoned! 110.3
40th Gina D We Have Better Balls 108.8
  Amy L Snakes on a Lane 108.8
41st Keith W Snakes on a Lane 108.5
42nd Patrick R We Have Better Balls 108
43rd Sara S Strikingly Handsome 107.6
  Frank G bowladelphia 107.6
44th Christina D The Bowlsheviks 107.5
45th Chett F The Bowlsheviks 107.3
46th Maria F bowladelphia 107.1
47th Kelly T Splits N Ass 107
48th Robert K Up Your Alley 106.6
49th Geoff M Dick Van Strike 106.5
50th G-rod M The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers 106.3
51st Courtney W Gutt-er Done 103.5
  Chase W The Lane Rangers 103.5
52nd Jason B Splits N Ass 103.1
  Harris A Obsessive-Combowlsive (Team OCB) 103.1
53rd Jon F Scared Splitless 99.6
54th Meg H Blocked Lanes 2012 99.5
  Mike M ThunderBallz 99.5
55th Gord B Gutt-er Done 99.1
56th Chad H Blocked Lanes 2012 98.8
57th Leah M Gutter Slutz 98.6
  Joe S Positively Bowling 98.6
58th Adam E Rusted Riots 98.5
  David W Splits N Ass 98.5
59th Kelly H Snakes on a Lane 98
60th Kristen M Blocked Lanes 2012 97.1
61st Jacquie C Strikingly Handsome 97
62nd Stephanie W Snakes on a Lane 96.8
63rd Nicole G Blocked Lanes 2012 96.6
64th Diane N Splizophrenics 95.3
65th Lisa V The Lane Rangers 94.5
66th Bahar H Splizophrenics 94.3
67th Alison B bowladelphia 94.1
68th Dan T Bitches Hate Christmas 94
69th Matt L Split Happens 93.6
70th Erik B Snakes on a Lane 93.3
71st Paul C The Bowling Stones 93.1
72nd Laura rose S Munsoned! 93
73rd Mark F Time to Spare 92.8
74th Jim S Free Agent Team - Philly 92.6
75th Lori F The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers 92.5
  Chaz P The Bowling Stones 92.5
76th Nicola P Snakes on a Lane 92.3
77th Michele K Obsessive-Combowlsive (Team OCB) 91.3
78th Chris B tommyjustsoldahalf amillionbrakepads 91
  Marc B Obsessive-Combowlsive (Team OCB) 91
79th Vincent F Three Fingers Deep 90.8
80th Ryan T Three Fingers Deep 90.3
81st Elizabeth D We Have Better Balls 89.8
82nd Michael D El Duderino 89.5
83rd Robin H Splizophrenics 89
84th Sarah H Munsoned! 88.8
85th Kat F bowladelphia 88.3
86th Phil I Splizophrenics 87
87th Jessica A ThunderBallz 86.8
  Matthew G Bitches Hate Christmas 86.8
88th Stephanie M bowladelphia 86.5
89th Jill H We've Been Framed! 86.1
90th Scott D Living on a spare!!! 86
  James L The Lane Rangers 86
91st Stephanie L Gutter Girls 85.8
92nd Korinne D Fish Bowl 85.8
93rd Morgan H Gutter Slutz 85.6
94th Jacquelyn B The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers 85.3
95th Candace T Gutter Girls 84.6
96th Robin S tommyjustsoldahalf amillionbrakepads 84.5
97th Kevin K The Lane Rangers 84.1
98th Tim W We Have Better Balls 83.6
99th Kevin M Bitches Hate Christmas 83.5
100th Michael G Glory Bowl 83.1
101st Alison M The Lane Rangers 82.8
102nd Kim R Snakes on a Lane 82
103rd Jessie B The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers 81.6
104th Becca A tommyjustsoldahalf amillionbrakepads 81.1
  Lauren P Split Happens 81.1
105th Jonathan M Nice shoes, wanna split? 81
106th Lesley I Bitches Hate Christmas 80.8
107th Matthew M Snakes on a Lane 80.6
108th Andrew K Chowder nipples 80.5
109th Kent W Fish Bowl 79.6
110th Julia S Gutter Girls 79.5
  Lindsay B The Lane Rangers 79.5
  Danielle S We've Been Framed! 79.5
111th Ryan W The Bowling Stones 79.3
112th Alexa S Rusted Riots 79.1
113th Ashley B bowladelphia 79
114th Laurie H Scared Splitless 78.8
115th Melanie F Glory Bowl 78.5
116th Jessica D We've Been Framed! 78.1
117th John M The Bowling Stones 77.6
118th Bob S Balls of Fury 77.5
119th Joseph G Time to Spare 77.3
120th James D The Bowlsheviks 76.3
121st Doug A El Duderino 75.6
122nd Katrina C Up Your Alley 74.5
123rd Christen D Gutt-er Done 74.3
124th Devon D Split Happens 74.1
  Rachel R The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers 74.1
  Megan G Up Your Alley 74.1
125th Bobby M Balls of Fury 73.5
  Erin P Glory Bowl 73.5
126th Laura N Nice shoes, wanna split? 73.3
127th Paul G Chowder nipples 73.1
128th Jamie C Bitches Hate Christmas 73
129th Lauren S Splits N Ass 72.6
130th Matthew L The Lane Rangers 72.5
131st Rachel M Balls of Fury 72.3
132nd David K ThunderBallz 71.6
  David H Rusted Riots 71.6
133rd Tyler F Nice shoes, wanna split? 70.8
  Colleen D Gutter Girls 70.8
134th Stacey lee M Dick Van Strike 70.1
135th Rinna L Glory Bowl 70
  Nadir P Fish Bowl 70
  Dan C Living on a spare!!! 70
136th Sean M The Lane Rangers 69.6
137th Vanessa J Gutter Slutz 69.5
138th Kim F Positively Bowling 69
139th Zachary A ThunderBallz 68.8
140th Matthew W Nice shoes, wanna split? 68.3
141st Deb B The Bowlsheviks 68
  David L Obsessive-Combowlsive (Team OCB) 68
  Gina R The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers 68
  Carrie W We Have Better Balls 68
  Andrew S Dick Van Strike 68
142nd Mollie W We Have Better Balls 67.6
143rd Debby R Positively Bowling 67.1
144th Kelly F Scared Splitless 66.3
145th Jennifer D Obsessive-Combowlsive (Team OCB) 66.1
  Kyle R Nice shoes, wanna split? 66.1
146th Jamey P ThunderBallz 65.6
  Vicki L Bitches Hate Christmas 65.6
147th Patrick M Split Happens 65
148th Teresa K Gutt-er Done 64.3
  Christopher F ThunderBallz 64.3
149th Liz N Living on a spare!!! 63.8
150th Chris C tommyjustsoldahalf amillionbrakepads 63.6
151st Heather B Positively Bowling 63.3
  Megan B Three Fingers Deep 63.3
152nd Rebecca G Up Your Alley 63
153rd Jennifer J Up Your Alley 62.5
  Bill D Dick Van Strike 62.5
154th Jennifer P Nice shoes, wanna split? 62.3
155th Austin B The Bowling Stones 62.1
156th Vinay V Splizophrenics 61.3
  Aaron L The Bowling Stones 61.3
157th Lindsey S Glory Bowl 61
158th Aaron W Strikingly Handsome 60.3
159th Chris M El Duderino 60.1
160th Chris O Positively Bowling 60
161st Mike E Obsessive-Combowlsive (Team OCB) 59.6
162nd Jessica W Gutter Girls 59
163rd Justin M Positively Bowling 58.8
164th Stephanie A Gutter Girls 58.6
165th Krista P Free Agent Team - Philly 58.3
166th Erin G Free Agent Team - Philly 58
  Alex C Chowder nipples 58
167th Janet B El Duderino 57.8
168th Chondell S Strikingly Handsome 57.5
169th Lindsay B El Duderino 57.3
170th Julianne O Glory Bowl 56.6
171st Omar F tommyjustsoldahalf amillionbrakepads 56.5
172nd Christina L ThunderBallz 55.8
173rd Colleen C Gutter Slutz 55.6
174th Judith T Up Your Alley 55.1
175th Leanne D Living on a spare!!! 55
176th Danielle N ThunderBallz 54.6
  Rose S Glory Bowl 54.6
177th Teresa T Up Your Alley 54.5
178th Elizabeth M Gutt-er Done 53.8
179th Danielle S Positively Bowling 53.5
180th Ariell J Glory Bowl 53.1
  Aaron B Chowder nipples 53.1
181st Carly I Free Agent Team - Philly 53
182nd Cherisse C Fish Bowl 52.4
183rd J D Strikingly Handsome 51.3
184th Mia R Gutter Slutz 51.1
185th Tasha A Dick Van Strike 51
186th Mike H Strikingly Handsome 50.8
187th Andrew S Living on a spare!!! 50.1
188th Arielle O Rusted Riots 50
189th Sarah Z Three Fingers Deep 49.3
190th Rachel W Fish Bowl 49.2
191st Kate B Gutt-er Done 49.1
192nd Erin D We Have Better Balls 48.5
193rd Dennis K Balls of Fury 47.5
  Suzanne K Gutter Slutz 47.5
194th Kumar S Time to Spare 46.5
195th Ryan M The Bowlsheviks 45.8
196th Edward B Strikingly Handsome 45.3
197th Kristen R Time to Spare 44.5
198th Shari T Nice shoes, wanna split? 43.8
199th Jennabeth C Three Fingers Deep 43.5
  Stephanie R Free Agent Team - Philly 43.5
200th Dana M Balls of Fury 43.3
201st Leigh B El Duderino 42.3
202nd Laura B Scared Splitless 42
  Aamer B The Bowling Stones 42
203rd Rachel T Three Fingers Deep 41.3
204th Erin M Positively Bowling 40.3
205th Zach S Nice shoes, wanna split? 40.1
206th Chris S Nice shoes, wanna split? 39.6
  Nikki D Rusted Riots 39.6
207th Brett M Living on a spare!!! 39.1
208th Sara M Split Happens 38.8
209th Kristin M The Bowlsheviks 38.5
210th Cassie K Balls of Fury 38.1
211th Allison Z Time to Spare 37.6
212th Jason E Rusted Riots 37
213th Matt R Scared Splitless 36.3
  Dan R Rusted Riots 36.3
214th Ali U Scared Splitless 36.1
215th Leonard G Balls of Fury 36
216th Stacey H Splits N Ass 34.8
217th Alyce T Living on a spare!!! 34.6
218th Cindy S Scared Splitless 34.3
219th Lisa D Time to Spare 34
220th Carrie S Gutter Girls 33.8
221st Christine W The Lane Rangers 32.8
222nd Amanda G Free Agent Team - Philly 32.3
  Colleen O Dick Van Strike 32.3
223rd Katy O Balls of Fury 32.1
224th Elliotte S The Bowlsheviks 31.1
225th Vanessa M Glory Bowl 30.8
226th Sarah P Rusted Riots 29.5
227th Nick G Three Fingers Deep 28.5
228th Jed S The Bowling Stones 27.8
229th Lena A Fish Bowl 27
  Laura M Scared Splitless 27
  Lindsay C Rusted Riots 27
230th Jasmine S Strikingly Handsome 26.8
231st Maggie S bowladelphia 26.5
232nd Nikki R Dick Van Strike 24.8
233rd Stephanie R Scared Splitless 24.5
234th Remy B Nice shoes, wanna split? 24.1
235th Yesenia P bowladelphia 20.6
236th Matt S Dick Van Strike 20.3
237th Christine B Living on a spare!!! 19.3
238th David G El Duderino 19.1
239th Patrick R The Bowlsheviks 18.3
240th Rob Z Dick Van Strike 17.5
241st Tom M tommyjustsoldahalf amillionbrakepads 17.1
242nd John E El Duderino 16.5
243rd Trish C We've Been Framed! 15.6
244th Christine G Balls of Fury 14.1
245th Katie F Free Agent Team - Philly 12.8
246th Tristan W Free Agent Team - Philly 12.5
247th Jaime A Balls of Fury 11.3
248th Hadley S Strikingly Handsome 9.1
  Laura H ThunderBallz 9.1
  Emilie W Free Agent Team - Philly 9.1
* - If a bowler is absent more than twice in a single season, they become ineligible for the season-end awards given to the top three bowlers.

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Season Details

Season Complete
Philadelphia, PA
Matches On
Sunday Afternoons
Season Started On
Tuesday January 3, 2012
Season Ended On
Wednesday February 29, 2012
Lucky Strike
After Bowling Bar
McGillin's Old Alehouse