About Us

Better Off Bowling started in Boston in 2006 as a way for friends to keep seeing each other during the winter, when most people typically go into social hibernation. It grew quickly as a bowling league that was more about having fun and meeting new people/hanging out with old friends rather than being one of the traditional competitive bowling leagues.

Since then we have grown quickly, largely thanks to the support of our members spreading the word, and now exist in many large cities in the Northeast and Midwest (including Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Washington DC and Chicago).

We are not a large, faceless corporation – instead we are run by a few caffeine-fueled individuals working hard to make bowling as much fun as possible. That’s why we are able to offer prices that are often half that of our competitors, along with drink deals, a social atmosphere, and sponsor bar that keeps us entertained for many hours after that last pin goes down.

Please email us with any questions at with all relevant info (such as city/situation/etc) or see our rules/FAQ/registration guide/captain’s duties pages which have more details.