Refund Policy

While we try to be accommodating and flexible with refunds, we also have to deal with processing fees from our vendors and with making sure that our teams are set and ready to go by game-time.

In the end, if you find you cannot play for whatever reason, the best move may be to find someone who will take your place, and we can simply switch paid status from your account to theirs.

If you do end up needing a refund and cannot find a replacement, refunds work in the following way:

  • 4 Weeks Prior to Registration Closing - 30% cancellation fee
  • 3 Weeks Prior to Registration Closing - 50% cancellation fee
  • 2 Weeks (or less) Prior to Registration Closing - No refunds are possible

Please note, if for whatever reason you and/or your team do not become eligible to play or are not placed on a team, you will be given a full refund.

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