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  1. David N commented on team Rock Steady. 9 minutes ago
  2. Mary B joined the team I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter about 3 hours ago
  3. Mary B joined season Houston Bowling (Sundays) Apr - June 2014. about 3 hours ago
  4. Eric N commented on team Snakes on a Lane. about 3 hours ago
  5. Bander A and Erica F became friends. about 4 hours ago
  6. Bryan K joined the team Gutterfingers about 6 hours ago
  7. Bryan K joined season Columbus Bowling June - July (Tues Evenings). about 6 hours ago
  8. Tony T joined season Minneapolis Memory Lanes June - July (Thurs Evenings). about 6 hours ago
  9. Jayd P commented on team Here for the Beer. about 6 hours ago
  10. Ginger C joined the team Spare Me about 6 hours ago

What is Better Off Bowling?

BoB is a social/non-competitive bowling league made up of young professionals in their 20’s and 30’s.

It’s a great inexpensive way to hang out with friends in the winter, and meet new ones! Don’t worry, most of us aren’t great bowlers.

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