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Session Rank Games Played Wins Losses Ties Avg score
San Francisco - Feb - Mar 2013 3rd 6 6 0 0 384.8


Name Role Status
Prakash H Captain Accept Active Player
Karthik R Player Accept Active Player
Mark F Player Accept Active Player
Chelsea M Captain Accept Active Player
Qiqi W Captain Accept Active Player
Emily T Player Accept Active Player
Nailao C Captain Accept Active Player
Ross O Captain Accept Active Player
Ganesh K Captain Accept Active Player
Jeremy B Captain Accept Active Player

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Recent Matches

Date Opponent Time Match
Apr 7, 2013 Sleazy Rollers 3:20 PM Won 248 - 0
Mar 24, 2013 I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter! 1:45 PM Won 337 - 0
Mar 10, 2013 holey balls 10:35 AM Won 440 - 0
Mar 3, 2013 Gutter Glory 12:10 PM Won 455 - 433
Feb 17, 2013 Spare Wars 5: Empire Xs Back 10:35 AM Won 397 - 331
Feb 10, 2013 TEAM! 12:10 PM Won 432 - 390
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    Prakash H

    Mar 15, 2013

    Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are in Top 5 teams

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    Prakash H

    Mar 11, 2013

    Putting together a team for the next session. The cost is about $88 per person ($58 before Mar 22nd) The season starts May 5th! same as Sunday afternoons. Register through the website at the link below and request to join our team, ‘Here 4 the Beer’. Hope to see you out there!

    here’s the link:

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    Betteroffbowling S

    Feb 4, 2013

    Hey Team!

    We have added a few players to your team so you are now an awesome super team!

    The schedule will be up in a day or two, but feel free to use this team board to touch base with the rest of your new squad, and/or setup a meet ’n greet happy hour before bowling!

    If there are any issues, please email us at
    Get ready for an amazing bowling season!!


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Strike Me Up!
San Francisco
10 Active
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January 29, 2013
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