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Session Rank Games Played Wins Losses Ties Avg score
Boston Lucky Strike - Oct-Nov 2017 (Sunday Afternoons) 7th 6 2 4 0 413.2


Name Role Status
Elaine R Captain Accept Active Player
Mike L Captain Accept Active Player
Mark T Captain Accept Active Player
Gregory M Captain Accept Active Player
Matt D Captain Accept Active Player
Yohei N Captain Accept Active Player
Sarah W Captain Accept Active Player
Mahmudul (shagor) C Captain Accept Active Player
Madeline B Captain Accept Active Player

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Recent Matches

Date Opponent Time Match
Nov 19, 2017 I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter 1:00 PM Won 354 - 291
Nov 5, 2017 Bowly Polies 1:00 PM Lost 320 - 390
Oct 29, 2017 Bowl Movements 1:00 PM Lost 432 - 592
Oct 22, 2017 Butterballs 1:00 PM Lost 430 - 448
Oct 15, 2017 Buffalo Bills 2:40 PM Lost 454 - 586
Oct 8, 2017 Perfect 9 1:00 PM Won 489 - 334
  1. avatar

    Gregory M

    Nov 16, 2017

    I’ll wear my shirt. Good idea Yohei! See you Sunday at 1.

  2. avatar

    Yohei N

    Nov 13, 2017

    Hi Team,
    The final day’s schedule is up. Sunday 1:00pm.
    Shall we all wear the team YELLOW shirt for the final game?

  3. avatar

    Sarah W

    Nov 5, 2017

    Sorry guys I had no idea there was an event at Fenway!! See you at the finals :/

  4. avatar

    Matt D

    Oct 15, 2017

    Hey Team,
    I may be about 5mins late coming in. FYI

  5. avatar

    Gregory M

    Oct 10, 2017

    No worries Sarah. See you next week! And thanks Mark!

  6. avatar

    Matt D

    Oct 9, 2017

    Agreed. Good job all around.

  7. avatar

    Mark T

    Oct 8, 2017

    Scores are up! Good job everyone!

  8. avatar

    Sarah W

    Oct 8, 2017

    EDIT…sorry guys. Next week I’ll take the T. I even checked that there was going to Be a game….🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. avatar

    Sarah W

    Oct 8, 2017

    MISLtakingly tried to drive in….so I’ll be late because of parking :(

  10. avatar

    Mark T

    Oct 5, 2017

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to drop in and say that I’m looking forward to meeting you all this Sunday

  11. avatar

    Betteroffbowling S

    Oct 5, 2017

    Hey Team!

    Just a heads-up, we’ve combined two teams and added free agents, so you’re now one full and eligible super team! The bowling schedule will be coming out shortly, but in the meantime, feel free to post on this board to communicate with each other, setup a team happy hr/meet ’n greet, or just generally figure things out!

    We have an awesome season planned with a ton of fun bowlers, so get excited! If you have any questions or issues, please email us at

  12. avatar

    Betteroffbowling S

    Oct 4, 2017

    One last reminder team – you need at least 6 registered/paid members to be an eligible team! Registration closes TONIGHT at midnight so if you can make sure any teammates you want on the squad are signed up before then, you’ll be all set!

    No worries if you don’t become eligible, as we’ll do our best to add some fun people if you don’t have enough people by tonight!

    Also, you can pay for any teammates you invite by inviting them, then going to your team page and clicking “Pay for Teammate” next to their name!

    If you have any questions email us at


  13. avatar

    Betteroffbowling S

    Sep 28, 2017

    Hey Team!

    Just a heads-up, you need at least 6 registered bowlers on your team to be eligible for the season when registration ends on Wednesday, October 4th at midnight! You can always invite friends via Facebook or email (anyone on the team can), and after you’ve invited them, you can go to your team page and click “Pay for Teammate” if you’d like. Or just invite some free agents on the site!

    Otherwise, once registration ends, we’ll add some other members to your team (if possible) to make sure you’re eligible.

    Email us at if you have any questions, we’ll see you on the lanes!


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