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Session Rank Games Played Wins Losses Ties Avg score
Washington DC Lucky Strike - July-August 2017 (Sunday Afternoons) 3rd 6 4 2 0 411.0


Name Role Status
Larry Y Captain Accept Active Player
John R Captain Accept Active Player
Brian G Captain Accept Active Player
Raphael D Captain Accept Active Player
Shep W Captain Accept Active Player
Jason C Captain Accept Active Player
Sebastian S Captain Accept Active Player
Andres C Captain Accept Active Player

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Date Opponent Time Match
Aug 20, 2017 Pin Ups 1:00 PM Won 452 - 0
Aug 13, 2017 Gutter Nonsense 1:00 PM Lost 232 - 469
Aug 6, 2017 Here for the Beer 1:00 PM Won 454 - 295
Jul 30, 2017 The Incredibowls 1:00 PM Won 481 - 404
Jul 23, 2017 Gutter Girls 1:00 PM Won 431 - 407
Jul 16, 2017 Split Happens 1:00 PM Lost 416 - 443
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    Jason C

    Jul 30, 2017

    Got paged into work. May or may not make it.

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    John R

    Jul 23, 2017

    Hey guys I tried to change to wednesdays because I couldn’t make the first two games (last week and today), but it’s ok and I’ll be there next week. I’ll brush up on my wii bowling skills in the meantime. See you guys next week, good luck today!

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    Sebastian S

    Jul 21, 2017

    Hey guys,

    Won’t be able to make this Sunday. I had booked a bus trip a couple months ago to see Hans Zimmer live. Best of luck towards the Gutter Gals!

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    Sebastian S

    Jul 16, 2017

    Hey Jason,

    No worries man. We’re looking forward to playing with you next week, man. I took over Jason’s role this week and I was pretty bad so I hope you can redeem the Jason name hahaha. Cya next week, bud.


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    Jason C

    Jul 16, 2017

    Sorry I didn’t make it. I thought it was at 7pm for some reason.

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    Betteroffbowling S

    Jul 12, 2017

    Hey Team!

    You’re all set and eligible for our Sunday afternoon league! We just wanted to remind you that registration ends TONIGHT at midnight, so if you have any additional players that you want to add to your team, you need to do it by midnight!

    Keep in mind, you can pay for a teammate after you invite them if you like, just invite them then go to the team page and click “Pay for Teammate” next to their name on the roster.

    The schedule should be coming out by tomorrow night, so get excited, we’ll see you on the lanes soon! Should be a great season!

    If you have any questions email us at


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    Shep W

    Jun 23, 2017

    Hi, folks—I’m a new member of your team. Let’s all have fun this summer! C U on Sun., 7/16 at whatever time our matches start.


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