Boston Lucky Strike - Feb-Mar 2012

Rank Player Name Team Score
1st Rob M Where Do I Put My Other Two Fingers? 189
2nd Jason R Just Spare Me 187
3rd Paul F Roll Play 183
4th K M The Turkey Baggers 181
5th Mike S Stop Staring at Our Splits 179
6th Thomas M Not That Drunk 178
7th Timothy Y Bowlin' Sooners! 176
8th Jason L Gutter Humiliation 174
9th Kathleen H Where Do I Put My Other Two Fingers? 173
  Patrick M Who's Up?!?! 173
10th Steve T The Carpet Pissers 171
11th Dan C That's How We Roll! 170
12th Allen W Bowl'd Flavors 169
  Eric F Pindemonium 169
13th Michael W The 'Stache 168
  Shane J High Rollers 168
  Jon S Love Your Beaver 168
14th Paul M The Carpet Pissers 167
15th Dave F Strike Oppose 163
16th Sean M Bolemite 162
  Janine W Gutter Humiliation 162
  Sean D The Smokin' Bowls 162
17th Eric C Hot Pin Action 161
18th Theresa B Who's Up?!?! 159
  Christy P Free Agent Team - Boston 159
  Jedrek M Minds In The Gutter 159
19th Lonn D Pack a Bowl 157
  Bjorn J Stop, Drop and BOWL 157
20th Steve C The Rolling Stones 156
  Scott S Pins Deep 156
  Blake U Raunchy Bowling Related Pun 156
21st Max M Pindemonium 155
  Ryan P The 'Stache 155
  Christopher G Hot Pin Action 155
  Adam C Who's Up?!?! 155
  Holly H Pin Pals 155
22nd Mike J Bowl'd Flavors 154
  Tom B The Carpet Pissers 154
23rd Jonathan W Where Do I Put My Other Two Fingers? 153
24th Allison P That's How We Roll! 152
  Scott S Did I Catch a Niner in There? 152
25th Erin D Who Gives a Split? 151
26th John R Munsoned 150
  Brittany M Not That Drunk 150
27th Brian B Alley OOPS! 149
  John R Makin Bacon 149
  Chris B The Bowl and Chains 149
  Matthew S Little Lebowski Urban Achievers 149
28th Greg W Bowlers Anonymous 148
  Dave D Care Bear Disco Ninjas 148
  Chris O Dry Bumpers 148
29th Bill S The Roslindale Yacht Club 147
  Tj L Bolemite 147
  Rob B Stop, Drop and BOWL 147
  Thomas L Pin Pals 147
30th Jeremy M striking out isn't fun 146
  Matthew H The Unbowlievables 146
  Brian Z Spare Me 146
  Lauren J Three Fingers Deep 146
31st Brett L The Turkey Baggers 145
  Maxwell K striking out isn't fun 145
  R F The Rolling Stones 145
  Noah B Unbowlievable 145
  Michael D Bolemite 145
32nd Pam L Stop, Drop and BOWL 144
  Marcus H Ball Busters 144
33rd Mike M Hot Pin Action 143
  Meaghan W McCrackin' Skulls 143
34th Ken E Care Bear Disco Ninjas 142
  David G TBD 142
  Nick M The Carpet Pissers 142
  Jeffrey M Not That Drunk 142
35th Mike W Insert Balls Joke Here 141
  Jim R Jive Turkeys 141
36th Charlie Y The Roslindale Yacht Club 140
  David K Bowl So Hard 140
  Taryn L The Turkey Baggers 140
  Greg M Pins Deep 140
  Justin S Hot Pin Action 140
  Catherine C The Incredi-bowls 140
37th John S Gutter Humiliation 139
  Shawn M Little Lebowski Urban Achievers 139
  Michael D Bowl'd Flavors 139
  David L Who's Up?!?! 139
  Benjamin S Insert Balls Joke Here 139
  Ryan M Makin Bacon 139
  Luke J Tasty Bowlers 139
38th Ashley D The Carpet Pissers 138
  Andrew C Little Lebowski Urban Achievers 138
  Michael C Hot Pin Action 138
  Andrew N Dry Bumpers 138
  Nicole T Just Spare Me 138
39th Vinny S No Small Balls 136
  Melissa C High Rollers 136
40th Ming-tai H Love Your Beaver 135
  Cathy S Did I Catch a Niner in There? 135
  John B Ball Busters 135
  Matthew A Roll Play 135
41st Garth R Did I Catch a Niner in There? 134
  Holly P striking out isn't fun 134
42nd Christopher M Suck My Pin 133
  Christopher C Pindemonium 133
  William S The Roslindale Yacht Club 133
  Ryan H Insert Balls Joke Here 133
  Brendan D Unbowlievable 133
  Elise S Jive Turkeys 133
43rd Will H Dry Bumpers 132
  Suzanne B Not That Drunk 132
  Justin B Spare Me 132
44th Ray W Jive Turkeys 131
  Joseph E Who Gives a Split? 131
45th Brian M Who Gives a Split? 130
  Jesse S Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) 130
  Ronnie A Bowl'd Flavors 130
  Lincoln H High Rollers 130
46th Tania F Stop Staring at Our Splits 129
  Matt M The Rolling Stones 129
  Brian L Balls Deep 129
  Sue R Pins Deep 129
47th John W Strike Oppose 128
  Paul E Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) 128
  Gonzalo C Three Fingers Deep 128
  Patrick M The Bowl and Chains 128
  Nick B The Smokin' Bowls 128
  Joe C Dry Bumpers 128
48th Joshua S The Rolling Stones 127
49th Brian C Scorpion Bowlers 126
  Ross M Bowlin' Sooners! 126
  Nicholas D Balls Deep 126
  Clinton B Love Your Beaver 126
50th Joshua V Putter's Gutters 125
  Michael A Unbowlievable 125
  Matt C The Smokin' Bowls 125
  Craig W Raunchy Bowling Related Pun 125
51st Marie D Bowlers Anonymous 124
  Nicole R Jive Turkeys 124
  David W Roll Play 124
  Daniel W striking out isn't fun 124
  Jessica E The Incredi-bowls 124
  Ryan L Where Do I Put My Other Two Fingers? 124
  Greg N Dry Bumpers 124
  Lauren B High Rollers 124
52nd Adam N The 'Stache 123
  Jon A TBD 123
  Scott P Balls Deep 123
  Saeed O Did I Catch a Niner in There? 123
  Jason S Munsoned 123
53rd Jonathan W Duck Sauce 122
  Adam D The Smokin' Bowls 122
  Priscilla E Putter's Gutters 122
54th Joshua S Tres Equis 121
55th Hannah L Snakes on a Lane 120
56th Mike M Alley OOPS! 119
  Michael W Roll Play 119
  Stacey W Where Do I Put My Other Two Fingers? 119
  Marty S The Roslindale Yacht Club 119
  Robert S Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) 119
  Jeff C Low Ballers 119
  Nate M Minds In The Gutter 119
  William N Unbowlievable 119
  Michelle H Alley OOPS! 119
57th Beth O McCrackin' Skulls 118
  Layson C Pack a Bowl 118
58th Amanda C McCrackin' Skulls 117
  Matthew S Putter's Gutters 117
  Tom N TBD 117
59th Lorien H Pindemonium 116
  Alex M Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) 116
  Matt S Bolemite 116
  Brian R Bowlin' Sooners! 116
60th Lauren S Little Lebowski Urban Achievers 115
  Brian V Pack a Bowl 115
  Rob N Low Ballers 115
  Austin P Tasty Bowlers 115
  Alex V Just Spare Me 115
  Devin B Balls Deep 115
  Kristie H Care Bear Disco Ninjas 115
61st Chris S Strike Oppose 114
  Amber K Three Fingers Deep 114
  Nate B Pins Deep 114
  Eric J Pins Deep 114
  Wayne J High Rollers 114
  Dan B Spare Me 114
  Caitlin H Pindemonium 114
62nd Jeanette T Pin Money 113
  Ryan B Pin Pals 113
  Brittany H The 'Stache 113
  Laura B Spare Me 113
63rd Ryan C McCrackin' Skulls 112
  Paloma M Ball Busters 112
  Meghan W Roll Play 112
  Cathleen M Gutter Humiliation 112
64th Jesse L The Turkey Baggers 111
  Katie ` P Just Spare Me 111
  Billy T Pin Money 111
  Kim C The Incredi-bowls 111
  Loan N That's How We Roll! 111
65th Jonathan D Care Bear Disco Ninjas 110
  Meagan I No Small Balls 110
  Dominic H Stop Staring at Our Splits 110
  Abe A TBD 110
  Chrissy W Stop Staring at Our Splits 110
  Matthew O Who Gives a Split? 110
66th Nicholas D Strike Oppose 109
  Joe M The Rolling Stones 109
  Angela C Suck My Pin 109
  Brian C Pins Deep 109
  Thomas c G Love Your Beaver 109
  Danielle J The Incredi-bowls 109
  Ryan K Munsoned 109
  Tricia K Raunchy Bowling Related Pun 109
67th Justin R Bolemite 108
  Courtney D Duck Sauce 108
  Denise D Pindemonium 108
68th Hans W Raunchy Bowling Related Pun 107
  Liz C Insert Balls Joke Here 107
  Alicia N Pin Pals 107
  John H Bowlers Anonymous 107
69th Jason L Three Fingers Deep 106
  Jon J The Carpet Pissers 106
  Vivian M The Bowl and Chains 106
  Anil D Strike Oppose 106
  Diana E No Small Balls 106
70th Paulo G Pin Pals 105
  M B Did I Catch a Niner in There? 105
  Leia A Suck My Pin 105
  Dan M Balls Deep 105
  Parth P The 'Stache 105
  Mike T Pin Pals 105
71st Katie H Care Bear Disco Ninjas 104
  Claudio B Stop Staring at Our Splits 104
  Melanie S Spare Me 104
  Lisa N Just Spare Me 104
  Alicia M Tasty Bowlers 104
72nd Guddy H Minds In The Gutter 103
  Irvin R The Unbowlievables 103
  Roya S Stop, Drop and BOWL 103
  Olivia E Minds In The Gutter 103
  Daniel A The Roslindale Yacht Club 103
73rd Jessica C Care Bear Disco Ninjas 102
  Angela K striking out isn't fun 102
74th Kaitlyn K Insert Balls Joke Here 101
  Dan M The Roslindale Yacht Club 101
  Steve V No Small Balls 101
  Elizabeth P Snakes on a Lane 101
75th Asli S Free Agent Team - Boston 100
  Kristin H You Can Throw Your Balls Down My Alley 100
  Brendan C The Carpet Pissers 100
  Erin T Tasty Bowlers 100
76th Ann B You Can Throw Your Balls Down My Alley 99
  Greg C Roll Play 99
  Tyler P The Rolling Stones 99
  Brian K Dry Bumpers 99
  Hilary W Raunchy Bowling Related Pun 99
  Matt T Suck My Pin 99
77th Deanna H Bowl So Hard 98
  Anya L Free Agent Team - Boston 98
  Sean O Bolemite 98
  Ari S Where Do I Put My Other Two Fingers? 98
  Nick Y Spare Me 98
  Jon P Bowl So Hard 98
  Danielle S Tres Equis 98
  Marie O Raunchy Bowling Related Pun 98
  Shelley G No Small Balls 98
78th Jamie W Bowlers Anonymous 97
  Sara M Tasty Bowlers 97
  Chelsea J Bowlin' Sooners! 97
  Kristen R Munsoned 97
  Mary G Putter's Gutters 97
  Gregory K The Unbowlievables 97
79th Adrienne G Pack a Bowl 96
  John C Bowl So Hard 96
  Liz L Ball Busters 96
  Axel C Strike Oppose 96
80th Kara S You Can Throw Your Balls Down My Alley 95
  Amy W Minds In The Gutter 95
  Dan B The Pin Ups 95
  Stephanie H Snakes on a Lane 95
81st Dave B Roll Play 94
  Linh N That's How We Roll! 94
  Paul D Bowl'd Flavors 94
  Liz L Roll Play 94
  Erin Q Bowlin' Sooners! 94
82nd Brittany P Who Gives a Split? 93
  Kathryn H Pin Money 93
83rd Orli P Pin Money 92
  Josh J Bowlin' Sooners! 92
  Megan S TBD 92
  Mark M Tasty Bowlers 92
  Jason W TBD 92
84th Matthew H McCrackin' Skulls 91
  Harry W Alley OOPS! 91
  Lauren N Scorpion Bowlers 91
  Megan F Where Do I Put My Other Two Fingers? 91
85th Patrick M Who Gives a Split? 90
  Sarah C Tres Equis 90
86th Christopher K Jive Turkeys 89
  Stacy P Stop Staring at Our Splits 89
  Stephanie C Bowl'd Flavors 89
87th Jena B Pin Pals 88
  Sue M Free Agent Team - Boston 88
  Krista M Insert Balls Joke Here 88
  Matt M Bowl So Hard 88
88th Andrew B The Bowl and Chains 87
  Benjamin D No Small Balls 87
  Kelly Z The Pin Ups 87
89th Lindsay S Who's Up?!?! 86
  Jason H The Pin Ups 86
90th Andrew T Makin Bacon 85
  Tim C The Rolling Stones 85
  Caiti M Ball Busters 85
  Lyndsie L Who's Up?!?! 85
91st Sarah jane V Strike Oppose 84
  Nate G Free Agent Team - Boston 84
92nd Stephanie B Low Ballers 83
  Jessice T The Bowl and Chains 83
  Alison K Alley OOPS! 83
93rd Natalie C The Rolling Stones 82
  Libby C Putter's Gutters 82
  Lauren S Bowl'd Flavors 82
  Michaela S The Unbowlievables 82
  Lolita G Pin Money 82
94th Amanda Z Who Gives a Split? 81
  Matt R Ball Busters 81
  Charlene A Bowl'd Flavors 81
95th Alyssa K Bowlin' Sooners! 80
  Joshua M Who Gives a Split? 80
  Kasia K Minds In The Gutter 80
  Jennifer B McCrackin' Skulls 80
96th Leah B Snakes on a Lane 79
  Erica B The Carpet Pissers 79
  Emma S Duck Sauce 79
  Patrick S Tres Equis 79
97th Marissa M Munsoned 78
  Olivia H The Pin Ups 78
  Julie L Ball Busters 78
  Jenessa C Pin Money 78
  Harry W Makin Bacon 78
  Krista C Tasty Bowlers 78
98th Taryn S Bowl So Hard 77
  Anna B Snakes on a Lane 77
  Jason M Makin Bacon 77
  Brian L No Small Balls 77
99th Kissy R The Unbowlievables 75
  Drew P Snakes on a Lane 75
  Mike A Scorpion Bowlers 75
  Sara B Suck My Pin 75
100th Natalie P Alley OOPS! 74
  Tatiana F Low Ballers 74
101st Jessica L Munsoned 73
  Seth K The Pin Ups 73
102nd Erica K Love Your Beaver 72
  Wenimo P Free Agent Team - Boston 72
  Leia Z Duck Sauce 72
  Andrew S The Roslindale Yacht Club 72
103rd Stephanie S Munsoned 71
104th Georgia S Snakes on a Lane 70
  Luisa L Free Agent Team - Boston 70
  Alejandra G Free Agent Team - Boston 70
105th Tracey G Strike Oppose 68
106th Cindy O Bowlin' Sooners! 67
  Josh R Jive Turkeys 67
107th Kate R McCrackin' Skulls 66
  Kelly O Jive Turkeys 66
  Jill T Strike Oppose 66
  Andrew L Scorpion Bowlers 66
108th Ashley W The Bowl and Chains 65
109th Megan F Snakes on a Lane 64
  Yvonne L Tasty Bowlers 64
110th Bonnie S Three Fingers Deep 63
  Cintli S No Small Balls 63
111th John W Did I Catch a Niner in There? 62
112th Clio B Scorpion Bowlers 59
  Reka S Duck Sauce 59
  Beth K Snakes on a Lane 59
113th Katie C Bowl'd Flavors 57
114th Rachel B Bowl So Hard 55
  Katie L Pack a Bowl 55
115th Christian N Duck Sauce 54
  Melissa G Just Spare Me 54
116th Kellie Y You Can Throw Your Balls Down My Alley 48
117th Caitlin L Bowl So Hard 47
118th Tuyet huong N Duck Sauce 36
119th Yael K Duck Sauce 32
* - If a bowler is absent more than twice in a single season, they become ineligible for the season-end awards given to the top three bowlers.

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Season Details

Season Complete
Boston, MA
Matches On
Sunday Afternoons
Season Started On
Sunday February 12, 2012
Season Ended On
Sunday March 25, 2012
Lucky Strike
After Bowling Bar
Tequila Rain Private Room