Chicago Lucky Strike - Jan-Feb 2012 Season

Rank Player Name Team Score
1st Robert W Bowling in the Deep (Adele Tribute Team) 207
2nd Phil B There's No Team in Eff U Part 4 203
3rd Brent S Butterballs 181
  Ted P #occupythegutter 181
4th Adam L Scoregasms 166
5th Shannon F Gutter Done II 159
  Ashley B the bowling bandits 159
6th Mike J Scoregasms 156
7th Grant C Butterballs 155
8th Eric S Hangover Mondays 152
9th Will E Gutter Done 151
10th Bill F I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter 148
11th David N #occupythegutter 147
12th Greg B There's No Team in Eff U Part 4 144
  Mary ann P Split Happens 144
  Andy S Sunshine Squad 144
13th Kyle H rollin' balls 143
  Art B Pin Heads 143
14th Chris C Hangover Mondays 142
  Jamie D I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter 142
  Rachel W Livin' On A Spare 142
15th Dustin R Will Bowl for Booze 141
16th Sanjay G Gutter Done 139
17th Brad B The Shockers 136
  Lynda K Scoregasms 136
18th Chris M Foul Mouths 135
  Leslie C The Shockers 135
  Allison T The Strike Outs 135
19th Aaron H The nine-pin wonders 134
20th Liz B Gutter Done 133
  Trevor W Split Happens 133
  Pete G Butterballs 133
  Megan R Freeagent Team - Chicago 133
21st Jeff W rollin' balls 132
22nd Amy P There's No Team in Eff U Part 4 131
23rd Gustavo B Butterballs 130
24th Courtney T Who Gives a Split! 129
  Aileen R Pin & Tonics 129
  Nathalie K Quick Release 129
25th Jeffrey B Dolls with Balls 127
  Erin T Bowling in the Deep (Adele Tribute Team) 127
  Clayton H rollin' balls 127
  Robert S Sunshine Squad 127
26th Brett M Quick Release 125
  Christopher C The Shockers 125
27th Chris B Dolls with Balls 124
  Marc C The Shockers 124
28th Cassandra S Freeagent Team - Chicago 123
  Arin A There's No Team in Eff U Part 4 123
29th Lauren P Ball Busters 122
  Bridget L Hangover Mondays 122
  Erica R Ball Busters 122
30th Carly A Livin' On A Spare 121
31st Dan M #occupythegutter 120
  Diana S Pin & Tonics 120
32nd Jeanie H Gutter Done 119
33rd Todd K the bowling bandits 118
  Trevor W The Strike Outs 118
34th Kelly H Grabbing Life by the Balls! 117
35th Kyle M Freeagent Team - Chicago 116
36th Eric B There's No Team in Eff U Part 4 115
  Ed C The Incredibowls 115
  Cole B rollin' balls 115
37th Julie G Hangover Mondays 114
  Eric H Foul Mouths 114
38th Kacie R Gutter Done 112
  Claire B Quick Release 112
  Brian B Will Bowl for Booze 112
  Brad Z Will Bowl for Booze 112
39th Sheila K The nine-pin wonders 111
  Joey H Gutter Done II 111
40th Kara K Gutter Done II 110
  Linda S Grabbing Life by the Balls! 110
  Kristi A Freeagent Team - Chicago 110
  Brooke O Dolls with Balls 110
41st Caitlin S Hangover Mondays 109
  Jose H The nine-pin wonders 109
42nd Megan J Livin' On A Spare 108
  Ryan C The Strike Outs 108
43rd Jordan S Bowling in the Deep (Adele Tribute Team) 107
  Chris G Split Happens 107
  Mahogany C Pin Heads 107
  Andrea L Who Gives a Split! 107
44th Anna M Livin' On A Spare 106
  Bonnie L Sunshine Squad 106
45th Sarah S Bowling in the Deep (Adele Tribute Team) 105
  Matt B Sunshine Squad 105
  Sarah S Will Bowl for Booze 105
46th Elaina K Split Happens 103
  Erin M Gutter Done II 103
  Theresa H Foul Mouths 103
  Keith M Foul Mouths 103
47th Carrie S Gutter Done II 102
  John H Split Happens 102
  Ann A the bowling bandits 102
48th Jason S Scoregasms 101
  Matt B There's No Team in Eff U Part 4 101
49th Mp N Grabbing Life by the Balls! 100
  Ashley N Gutter Done 100
  Jen C The Shockers 100
  Tony K Quick Release 100
  Colleen M Dolls with Balls 100
50th Molly M Freeagent Team - Chicago 99
  Carrie C The Incredibowls 99
  Dory S The Strike Outs 99
  Mironda R Pin Heads 99
  Kimberly P Ball Busters 99
51st Megan B rollin' balls 98
52nd Mia J Pin Heads 97
  Lindsay C I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter 97
53rd Danielle H Grabbing Life by the Balls! 96
54th Seamus C Sunshine Squad 95
  Julie P The Incredibowls 95
55th Billy G Pin & Tonics 93
  Christopher a. H Freeagent Team - Chicago 93
56th Brian F Who Gives a Split! 92
57th Liz L Pin & Tonics 91
  Rachel M The Strike Outs 91
  Eliza C The nine-pin wonders 91
58th Diana H Who Gives a Split! 90
  Jenna C the bowling bandits 90
  Perri B Sunshine Squad 90
  Qiana G Livin' On A Spare 90
59th Sarah H Ball Busters 89
  Lisa C Ball Busters 89
60th Kathryn E Ball Busters 88
61st Emily F Gutter Done II 87
62nd Tricia W the bowling bandits 84
  Lauren H The Incredibowls 84
63rd Lindsey S Dolls with Balls 83
64th Brittany D Ball Busters 82
  Katie C Split Happens 82
65th Lynette R #occupythegutter 81
  Jessica L #occupythegutter 81
66th Allison W Pin & Tonics 79
67th Victor T Dolls with Balls 78
68th Jordan M I Can't Believe It's Not Gutter 77
69th Nicole T rollin' balls 76
  Shelley S Hangover Mondays 76
  Marisa N Gutter Done II 76
70th Lauren T #occupythegutter 74
71st Kristy A Sunshine Squad 73
72nd Lauren S Livin' On A Spare 70
73rd Gauri B Sunshine Squad 67
  Arielle S Who Gives a Split! 67
74th Lyndsay D Who Gives a Split! 53
75th Christopher K Freeagent Team - Chicago 51
76th Megan F Pin & Tonics 50
77th Megan M Foul Mouths 35
78th Becky G Foul Mouths 28
* - If a bowler is absent more than twice in a single season, they become ineligible for the season-end awards given to the top three bowlers.

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Season Details

Season Complete
Chicago, IL
Matches On
Sunday Afternoons
Season Started On
Tuesday January 3, 2012
Season Ended On
Sunday February 19, 2012
Lucky Strike
After Bowling Bar
Lucky Strike VIP Backroom Bar