Daily Deal: How It Works

Congrats! You've purchased a Daily Deal coupon and are now ready to redeem it and get rolling, so to speak.

Before you do though, let the Better Off Bowling team give you a few important tips to make sure you actually get to bowl this time around, with the people you want to roll with!

REMEMBER: For payment, scroll to the bottom to enter your voucher code under the "Voucher code", NOT the discount code or the ORDER # from your daily deal email receipt.

  1. What exactly is Better Off Bowling?
    Better Off Bowling (BOB) is for young professionals looking to hang out with friends, meet new people, and (of course) bowl!

    In the winter, sometimes the city seems to go into hibernation and it's a little more difficult to hang out with friends and keep meeting fun people. At Better Off Bowling, we continue the softball/kickball/etc tradition of bringing young professionals together for fun social sports, or just giving people an excuse to have a few beers with friends and meet new people.

    Though we do have a few awesome bowlers, most of our members are more interested in the social experience and our league runs with that in mind. We have drink-specials at the alley, an after-bowling bar, and an end-of-season party, in addition to all the bowling! Plus, you can watch the football games at the alley and the bar afterwards!

  2. How does Better Off Bowling work?
    Bowling runs in 6 week sessions, with each week being an hour and a half (1-3 games). People bowl, then head to the after-bowling bar to hang out, watch football, socialize, and maybe play a few games with other teams.

  3. Am I guaranteed a spot?
    Not automatically! We have a finite amount of space at the alley, and even though it's a huge league, it can fill up. To be guaranteed a spot, you need to be on an eligible team. Eligible teams have 6-10 confirmed members.

  4. How do I sign-up / redeem my deal code?
    Just go to the season page (select your city from the menu or follow the prompt below). Click register, and create a Better Off Bowling account if you need to (it takes very little time, especially if you sign-up through Facebook). Then, on the payment page, you'll see an option to enter the Daily Deal code that you were given when you bought the voucher.

    You can only use your voucher code once, unless you are refunded due to the season filling up.

  5. How do I start a team / get on a team after I redeem my voucher?
    Once you pay, you'll be prompted to start a team, join a team, or join as a free agent. We have tons of people who join as an individual or as a small group, which is fine.

    If you want to start your own team, you can choose "Create Team", and then invite friends via Facebook or email (who can then pay or use a voucher). Remember, teams need to have 6-10 members. But, you can always dissolve an ineligible team to join someone else, or invite other free agents to join your squad by posting on season website or using the "Invite Free Agents" functionality.

  6. How do I join a team?
    If someone invited you, click on the invite and you should be given a link to signup with. Or, you can create an account on the website, and then go to the season page to "Join a Team", where you can request to join a team, provided they are not "Invite Only".

    Or, if you're a free agent, any teams listed as "Open" will allow you to join immediately (as long as they're not full). And there will always be a "Free Agent Team" that will automatically accept free agents.

  7. What happens if the season fills up before I have a chance to sign-up, or get on an eligible team?
    No worries. We'll refund your voucher code if you've already registered so you can use it again, and then you can register for the next season when this one ends!

    But make sure you get signed up fast and get your team all set so you're guaranteed a spot. Or combine teams with someone else, or join the free agent team!

  8. What should I do if I have other questions?
    Email us at DailyDeal@betteroffbowling.com and we'll respond to your question/issue promptly!